Communication Dropping

Communication Dropping

The participants try to reach a central point. They are divided in several groups and each group has to find the missing data. On their way they have to collaborate with the other groups to reassemble data they found. The more the groups collaborate, the sooner they will find the final solution. If they do not want to collaborate, it is impossible for them to reach the goal. A contribution of each group is necessary to win. It is an effective teambuilding because each group has to collaborate and communicate with the others.

A theoretical session about teamwork and coaching is possible too. During 90 minutes we explain how perform a team in connection with your company of organization. We will approach the typical characteristics of an individual according to Maslow and Meyer-Brigs. You can organize this session before the communication dropping.

Practical info:

  • Duration: from 1 hour to an half day.
  • Location: everywhere.
  • Participants: from 10 to 35 people.
  • Period: all year.


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