Risk Game

Risk Game

Risk Game

The participants are divided in several teams. The goal of each team is to obtain the many cities as possible on the Belgian of European map and to collect a maximum of points. To take a city, a team of the first panel have to do a mission against a team of the second panel. That makes a captivating competition between the teams. The game has a strategic aspect too.

The game can take place outside or inside. That event can take place too for large groups.

Practical info:

  • Duration: from 1 hour to a complete day.
  • Location: everywhere.
  • Participants: from 10 to 400 people.
  • Period: all year, can take place inside.


Team factor




Physical effort

The company really enjoyed the activity.

Sander De Kegel


This morning I have got a lot of compliments for the team building and the BBQ. Some even spoke of the “best event ever”.

Johan Jacobs

AB Inbev